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Big 5 Sporting Goods

Mutli-media re-branding concept for the national brand, including geo-targeting, tracking, and brand recognition plan.

Print, Web, Social, Mobile.



Grid Iron Jungle. Welcome to the jungle, better yet, welcome the jungle on the gridiron.  In your face, heart racing energy for your NFL experience.

Print, Web, Social, Mobile.


Virgin Galactic

Follow Me To Space.  Introducing the first commercial flight to space.  Follow the journey of these adventurers who dare to climb aboard this spaceflight.

Print. Social.


Cal State Fullerton

Department Branding Campaigns.  Get in touch with the happenings going on at the Cal State Fullerton Business & Economics. We worked together to communicate the voice of the department to the students.

Print. Web. Outdoor.


Graphics for Print

From business cards to brochures, let’s create the stuff printers love and customers can’t just throw away.  Let’s make beautiful graphics together.

Brand Identity

Let’s make beautiful branding together.  From logos and business cards to full brand identity, let’s build your brand into a unforgettable value in your customer’s mind.

Multimedia Interface

Need some graphic done for your website?  From user experience design to e-commerce multiple product graphic solutions, I’ve got you covered.

Perpetual Updates

Don’t lose the opportunity to maintain a voice with your targeted audience.  With social media tools and targeted e-mail campaigns, keeping your customer informed.

Meet Mr. Brown

Life is too short to live it without laughing and loving what you do.  I love making communication through art and creativity.  It brings me back to the days when rubbing glue into your hands and Crayons breaking was the biggest problem you had to deal with.

“A man with no focus is confused, but a man with no vision is lost!”

  • Problem Solving 92%
  • Budget Management 90%
  • Adobe Creative Suite 94%
  • Creative Solutions 91%

I have worked with Mr. Brown for a lot of years.  He is flexible to work with and very creative.  I’m glad I picked him to help us create our company branding.

—Robert Mills

For the past three years, David has been my go-to resource for graphics or media-related services. David is always available and never hesitates to provide me with expert advice, from the largest issues down to the smallest areas.

—M. Simnitt

A big thank you from all of us at Platinum Mortgage Company for your patience and participation in our 2013 SMART Exp on January 31st. We did it, thank you for your help and support.

—Andrew Ojeisekhoba

Lets Get Started Building!

Interested in improving your creative messaging?  Contact me and let’s work together starting today.